Financial Update


Finance Committee Update  

May 18, 2020


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support during this time of social distancing.  In addition to financial support to our church,  many are making masks, and  many are checking on church family members and providing needed support.  What a wonderful church family!  Thanks be to God!   


Following are some updates about our financial status you might find interesting:


  • The 2020 Operating Budget is $423,970.40 which is a significant increase over the 2019 budget which was $347,325.00.  The increase includes a church construction line item to replace the floor covering in the sanctuary, a pay increase for our Trinity employees, and other increases to support many of our church programs.

  • Contributions in 2019 were $346,336.69.  Contributions in 2020 as of May 18, 2020 are $126,826.87.

  • Expenses in 2019 were $311,693.36.  Expenses in 2020 as of April 30, 2020 were $77,106.10.

  • Apportionments in 2020 are $41,066, which is an increase of $4,454 above the 2019 contribution amount.  As of April 30, 2020 payments were $13,218, which is on budget.

  • Remember that we need $35,331 each month to reach our 2020 budget goal.

  • We currently have a balance of $153, 082.07 in our Reserve Fund.  We have not used any of our reserve funds yet in 2020.

  • We do not have a mortgage at Trinity.  We are grateful for the many who have contributed to Trinity in the past!    



Take every opportunity you have to thank our congregation for their support to giving during this time while we view Church Service on the Trinity Web Site.  It would be better to hear Rev. Nellie and TJ Williams in person instead of on a video, but we will be together again soon. 


If you need a mask, contact Suzanne Jones, and a member of the Craft Team will be sure to make you one!  


Continue to mail your contribution to the Church until we can be together again or drop it by the Church office as you have been during the past weeks. 


If there are questions about this report or there is a need for additional information,

contact Dick Sweigart at 803-627-4860 or


Thanks Be to God,  


Richard Sweigart

Finance Chair                 

TRINITY United Methodist Church

Office: (803)684-4100

22 E Liberty Street

York, South Carolina 29745

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